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Oil Stocks Drilling Results in Western Canada to March 2012
In analyzing oil and gas stocks which trade on the North American stock markets, one of the key factors which effects whether or not the stock will outperform itès peers on the North American stock markets is how successful their drilling results have been to date..... Read More »
Actively Buying Stocks? - Top Oil Stock Buy
3 High Dividend Yield ETFs
3 ETFs with the Lowest MER
Top ETF Buy for Your TFSA and RRSP
ETFs Explained
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Mortgage Rates – What does the future hold?
With mortgage rates at record all-time lows, there is only one direction for mortgage rates to go and that is up....
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Mortgage Rates – What Causes Mortgage Rates
The main cause of mortgage rates moving up or down is a result of the Federal Reserve's decision....
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The Evolution of Mortgages and Mortgage
Thirty years ago, it would have been difficult for the average investor to invest in mortgage-backed securities...
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ETFs - Horizons ETFs Launches Commodity Yield ETFs   Options Trading Call Options and Put Options Explained   Forecasting the Stock Market – A Glimmer of Hope to What is Thought...
Horizons Exchange Traded Funds Inc. has launched three new commodity exchange traded funds (ETFs) which will allow investors to earn a tax-efficient monthly income from exposure to crude oil, natural gas and silver...
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  A significant number of our users have asked us to provide a resource on options trading and related definitions of call options...
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  Although forecasting the future performance of the stock market, and the related securities which comprise the stock market i.e. Stocks, penny stocks, bonds, etfs, mutual funds etc....
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Online Resource for Investing in Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Stock Trading and FOREX
Stockmarketopedia’s goal is to be the leading online resource for investing in stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and stock trading within the North American stock market. Our goal is also to be a leading resource on personal finance which will include such topics as retirement, how to save, how to invest in stocks, how to trade stocks, how to analyze and buy stocks, how to make money stock trading, debt consolidation, mortgage rates, Canada credit cards and many other topics.

Stockmarketopedia will include a detailed dictionary which will be a resource for questions like what is credt, and will have definitions for terms like an ETF, forex trading, debt consolidation, exchange rate, tfsa, rrsp, margin calls, put options and thousands of other terms. Stockmarketopedia with include analysis on all key investment products within the stock market including ETFs, mutual funds and stocks.

Stockmarketopedia will have a portion of the website which is dedicated to ETFs and mutual funds which trade in the stock market. We will define what an ETF is and what our top ETF picks are, which will be the result of detailed technical analysis. We will also include our top mutual fund picks and a comparison of ETFs and mutual funds which trade within the North American stock market.

Stockmarketopedia will also have a component of the site dedicated to forex trading. We will provide a detailed analysis of the various exchange rates that provide an alternative just stock trading within the stock market.

With our deep experience and knowledge of both the stock market and corporate finance, we will provide a resource for a wide range of topics including: how to save, to forex trading, to income tax, to debt consolidation and how to finance. Our strong relationship with financial institutions will enable us to define what is credit and will help our users in both debt consolidation and finding the best mortgage rates. We will also provide a comparison of Canada credit cards within the personal finance section of our website.

For Canadian investors trying to minimize their income tax liability within their personal tax return we will identify ideal stocks, mutual funds and ETFs for both their rrsp and tfsa accounts. We will also provide income tax advice to save money on your tax return which will result in our users having a larger nest egg to utilize in their retirement.

Our mission is to provide a resource for our users to teach them how to make money within the stock market and how to save money, so that capital can be deployed into the stock market. We will analyze investment products and stocks from high rate of return products like penny stocks, to lower risk investments like mutual funds and ETFs. We want to enable our users to be able to analyze stock market prices, allow them to be experts in forex trading and buy stocks and investment products that are trading at a discount in relation to their peers.
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Top Trades
Hot Stock Buys - Second Wave Petroleum Should Be Considered A Buy
If you feel the stock markets are approaching bottom and you are actively buying stocks...
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Stock Trading the Stock Market - Top Gold Stock Market Trade

Allied Nevada, listed on the major North American stock markets, is currently ramping gold production at an oxide leach operation at its Hycroft Mine. This top gold stock market trade.... Read More » 

Stock Trading The Stock Market - Q1 2012 Precious Metal Stock Review 
In our detailed analysis of the precious metal stocks trading on the North American stock markets....
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Top Penny Stock Pick For Your RRSP or TFSA
A lot of our Canadian users are looking for come torque in the tfsa and rrsp and a lot of our worldwide investors have been asking us for our top penny stock picks...
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Debt consolidation  
Debt consolidation is defined as taking out one loan to pay off mulitple others. This is often done ... Read More »

Forex Trading - Defining the Global Extent of the Foreign Exchange Market
In providing advice on forex trading to our users, we thought it would be of value to proved an overview of the global extent of the foreign exchange market.The forex market...Read More »
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