Exclusive - Oil Stocks Drilling Results in Western Canada

In analyzing oil and gas stocks which trade on the North American stock markets, one of the key factors which determines whether or not the stock will outperform it’s peers in the various stock markets is how successful there drilling results are to date. With natural gas plunging, oil drilling results become more and more of importance to these stocks trading on the North American stock markets. We have assembled never seen before oil drilling results which is derived from the various provincial registries in Western Canada in order to provide an unbiased view of which oil producers trading on the North American stock markets are having the greatest drilling success. In spending hundreds of hours pulling this data together we also have access to which oil stocks are drilling the most dry holes and having the worse results and have an insight on what stock will be moving up in the stock markets and which stock will be plummeting. Another key factor with natural gas prices reaching 10 year lows is what the actual production composition of the oil wells are as a lot of investors buy oil stocks as they believe they are drilling oil wells, but after reviewing the actual production data on a lot of these wells, they are actually natural gas wells which will have a huge long-term impact on the oil stocks share price given engineering firms will continue to reduce their natural gas price decks.


With an exclusive relationship with a group of well know former executive and technical staff of oil and gas companies in Western Canada, we have obtained a list of the top 30 oil wells drilled in Western Canada which have production data up to February 2012.

Well Location Company Hours on Production Oil Produced to Date Gas Produced to Date Calculated Oil Rate (Bbl/day) Calculated Gas Rate (BOE/day)
100030806418W500 TRILOGY RESOURCES LTD 526 48329 5251 2205 240
100010806418W500 TRILOGY RESOURCES LTD 643 30306 5271 1131 197
100040906418W500 TRILOGY RESOURCES LTD 1076 47693 5184 1064 116
100132506310W500 SECOND WAVE PETROLEUM INC. 2176 94343 24155 1041 266
100043306413W500 CORAL HILL ENERGY LTD. 510 20186 4315 950 203
100042106418W500 TRILOGY RESOURCES LTD 2095 78031 15685 894 180
100020806418W500 TRILOGY RESOURCES LTD 1478 51628 9104 838 148
195101104026W300 SOUTHERN PACIFIC RESOURCE PARTNERSHIP 809 26958 142 800 4
100041706418W500 TRILOGY RESOURCES LTD 1274 39895 4366 752 82
100041607709W600 BIRCHCLIFF ENERGY LTD. 2114 62726 20992 712 238
100133506310W502 SECOND WAVE PETROLEUM INC. 1424 35644 2871 601 48
100120601811W400 CREW ENERGY INC. 2739 64771 5724 568 50
100033606310W500 SECOND WAVE PETROLEUM INC. 1516 35825 6641 567 105
193071200614W200 CENOVUS ENERGY INC 987 22571 9364 549 228
100162106017W500 TANGLE CREEK ENERGY LTD. 1651 37068 5969 539 87
100162406310W500 SECOND WAVE PETROLEUM INC. 533 11897 2339 536 105
103131201711W400 CENOVUS ENERGY INC. 1817 38841 4820 513 64
100030303203W500 ANGLE ENERGY INC. 552 11577 569 503 25
100091604805W500 SINOPEC DAYLIGHT ENERGY LTD. 560 11730 540 503 23
100123507506W600 CANADIAN NATURAL RESOURCES LIMITED 2603 53654 9922 495 91
100150706709W500 DEVON CANADA CORPORATION 1969 39089 4216 476 51
100132506323W503 RMP ENERGY INC. 696 13817 7157 476 247
100161604805W500 SINOPEC DAYLIGHT ENERGY LTD. 534 10436 2320 469 104
100121606017W500 TANGLE CREEK ENERGY LTD. 1826 34953 4860 459 64
100012806708W500 ARCAN RESOURCES LTD. 626 11625 127 446 5
192013300810W200 PETROBAKKEN ENERGY LTD. 1384 24787 0 430 0
102143306708W500 ARCAN RESOURCES LTD. 969 17234 733 427 18
100082307209W600 TRILOGY RESOURCES LTD 696 12194 4640 420 160
102131502718W400 CENOVUS ENERGY INC. 503 8764 1039 418 50
100161502718W400 CENOVUS ENERGY INC. 921 16002 1957 417 51

Our review of the February production data shows that Trilogy Resources Ltd. is one of the leading oil and gas producers with spectacular drilling results coming from their Montney play at Kaybob. If you would like to see some of our proprietary more detailed capital efficiency and detailed drilling results by stock sticker please contact us @ vp_marketing@stockmarketopedia. Further we continue to work with former executives of oil and gas companies to develop industry leading production, reserve, net asset value and capital efficiency reports for our users. This information is invaluable to investors investing in oil and gas stocks as it will also show you the number of dry holes the producers have drilled and also the actual oil and natural gas composition of these wells. Thousands of hours have been put into assembling this data and we have not seen anything like this before. An extremely powerful tool for both institutional oil and gas investors and the individual oil and gas investor.

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